Partnering with the 2022 Illuminate Social Media Awards

This unique strategic moment provides selected partner organizations an exclusive opportunity to associate with the event’s goals, values and the spotlight the Awards will generate:

  • The Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) will be the primary host organization for the 2022 Awards:3
    • All Awards-related communications and individual 2022 Illuminate Awards will carry the ISGlobal name and visual identity.
    • The judging panel for the awards will be led by a representative of ISGlobal.
    • The 2022 Illuminate Awards ceremony will be co-hosted by ISGlobal in Barcelona.
  • The 2022 Awards provide sponsoring organizations/companies the opportunity to stand in solidarity alongside other key stakeholders in the COVID-19 pandemic response:
    • Through their association with the Awards, supporting partners will align themselves with the principles of tackling the COVID-19 ‘infodemic’ with reliable information, collaboration, open communication and multi-stakeholder responses to the pandemic and other emerging health issues.
    • The visibility that the Awards generate will also serve to thoughtfully reiterate partners’ own key roles in COVID-19 pandemic responses and their ongoing contributions to global health.
    • Supporting partners have a range of options for backing the 2022 Awards including Platinum sponsorship alongside ISGlobal (three partners), supporting/presenting specific Award categories (seven partners) and/or through donation of Award winner prizes (unlimited).
    • One global social media company will have exclusive rights to livestream the Awards ceremony, and an unlimited number of national/online media groups will be invited to partner.

To talk about partnering with the 2022 Illuminate Social Media Awards and for further information, please contact Jeffrey Lazarus, Associate Research Professor at ISGlobal.