Frequently Asked Question

In case you have questions, here are brief responses to some queries we’ve already been asked by site users and nominees:

Q: What are the Awards for? Why are they being organized?

A: The main goal of the Awards is for visitors to thank social media users who have helped them make sense of the pandemic. More general info about the Awards is available here.

A: Nomination and voting continues until 20 May 2023. Winners will be announced in June 2023.

A: No. New nominees are only listed after they have accepted their nomination and verified their registration on the site. You can accept (or decline) your nomination during the registration steps.

A: An independent judging panel is being convened and will be announced soon along with transparent shortlisting criteria.

A: No. Individual nominees can be shortlisted in multiple Award categories but can only win one.

A: The Awards are being publicized through social media, direct mail campaigns and planned online discussion events. Regional co-host organizations and networking partners are also helping to raise awareness about the Awards. Announcements will be shared about shortlisted nominees/winners from various parts of the world.

A: Yes, we adhere strictly to the Privacy Policy linked at the bottom of each page on the site. All users must be registered and verified before they can nominate/vote in the Awards. Any data/information submitted by users during the nomination process is deleted upon acceptance by a nominee.

A: Yes you can. Every user has a self-service option to permanently delete their profile and all data associated with it.

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