2023 Social Media Awards

Thanking all those around the world who used social media to help make sense of the pandemic

Nominee Profile
  • Job title/position Founder and executive director
  • Organization Sangsan Anakot Yawachon
Based on my experience as ethnic minority/ indigenous feminist lesbian human right defender work empower indigenous communities a long Thailand - Myanmar where an armed conflict still on going we already use the social media to raise awareness and advocate for advancing human right for women, children and LGBTIQAN+ . However the COVID19 pandemic made the social media the most important tool that we use to fight combated it pandemic included responding to it situation, raise awareness, advocacy for just and equitable for indigenous communities that impacted negatively while it lack of awareness and a accessible to government’s response. In addition to these, we also use the social media to Disseminate COVID-19 Informations and started to created Media literacy program in order to empower and engage women and LGBTIQAN+ from an indigenous community to fight combating and encounter disinformation and hate speeches in the media social media is also included.
Votes received

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