2023 Social Media Awards

Thanking all those around the world who used social media to help make sense of the pandemic

Nominee Profile
  • Job title/position Community driven change and Participatory MEL
  • Organization Global Fund for Children
Home-based care by communities *Geographical Communities have a key role to play as the first responders to a crisis. *During the Delta wave 2021, many hospitals in India were strained beyond their maximum capacity. With support of Delhi Solidarity Group, we organised online trainings for communities in cooperation with medical doctors. *Trained community members gave guidelines to families for protecting from infection, administering appropriate medicines, supplements, & patient diet. This allowed people to prevent and if required take care of those with mild infections. *Read more *Another article shows what happens if community capacity has been build;year=2022;volume=66;issue=4;spage=466;epage=472;aulast=Kaza

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