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Welcome to UniteHealth, a people-focused organization dedicated to honouring those who make a difference in the world. Our mission is to recognize and celebrate excellence in the strategic use of social media to advance global health, and to facilitate open dialogue and re-thinking of challenges and opportunities in the field.

Join us in our goal to promote the effective use of social media in pursuit of global health goals.

About UniteHealth

UniteHealth was founded by a small team working on global health issues, united by the belief that by bringing people together through social media and digital communications, we can address some of the most challenging health and development problems facing the world.

Initial UniteHealth campaigns recognized individuals and organizations using social media to improve health systems and related research. We then honored the efforts of those working to combat malaria through digital initiatives and communication.

As the use and influence of social media has grown, the importance and relevance of UniteHealth's mission has also increased, becoming more complex with the emergence of new issues. Today, we are helping to explore and address some of the latest challenges related to social media in the health space, such as tackling misinformation, bridging divides in the online world, and effectively communicating during health crises and disease outbreaks.

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