2014 Health Systems
Social Media Awards

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Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are central to engaging wider audiences in information sharing, debate, knowledge creation and collaborative action to achieve global health systems goals. Health Systems Global is the proud sponsor of the first Health Systems Social Media Awards to recognize and reward the individuals and organizations who best employ social media to communicate about health systems.


1 Take a quick look at the six award categories
for individuals and organizations
2 Nominate people/organizations who rock and consistently inform and engage their followers on health systems-related topics
3 Endorse someone who has already been nominated
4 Tell your followers and friends who you nominated
5 Read more about the process
and eligibility


Best on Twitter

This award recognizes the best use of Twitter by an individual to inform, advocate, and engage about health systems.

Young leader

This award recognizes the best use of social media by an individual under 30 to communicate about health systems using any social media platform.

People’s choice

This award recognizes the nominee with the most engaged online network.

Symposium coverage

This award recognizes exceptional social media engagement by an individual before/during the symposium, onsite or offsite, and via any social media platform.

Best on Facebook

This award recognizes the best use of Facebook by an organization to inform, advocate and engage about health systems.

Most transparent

This award recognizes the most effective use of social media by an organization to share their internal processes and decision-making in the name of transparency.

Civil society

This award recognizes the organization or network that best employs social media to engage civil society in health systems-related dialogue.